Paul Reed Smith 594 McCarty and vintage Fender Bassman

The old mix with the new with this colorful and vibrant painting depicting what might be arguably one of the best rigs a musician could own. The McCarty 594 is a vintage-inspired instrument that is at once incredibly familiar and effortlessly playable. Whether you are looking for rich, authentic, vintage humbucking tones or nuanced, sweet singlecoil sounds, the McCarty 594 can seamlessly master both sonic territories thanks to the 58/15 LT pickups and push/pull coil taps on the tone controls. The addition of an f-hole and semi-hollow body adds a breathy tone and rich resonance to this guitar, providing welcome depth and beauty.
The electronics layout, a few key specifications, and PRS craftsmanship combine in the McCarty 594 to create an instrument that plays in tune, is intonated the entire length of the neck, and feels like a guitar that you’ve been playing forever. The McCarty 594 and Singlecut McCarty 594 Semi-Hollows make their debut at Experience PRS 2018.
The 1959 Bassman
The Fender Bassman evolved as an amplifier designed to initially go along with the Fender Precision Bass. It’s perhaps a bit of an irony that this amp design is among the most revered from guitarists – not bass players. Add to this the fact that the first Marshall amplifiers were largely leveraged from the Bassman’s circuit design (which in turn spawned a countless array of further clones as time passed), and it’s easy to understand why the Fender Bassman was the first amplifier chosen as a tweed reissue in the early ‘90s.

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